A representative sample of our clients. 



"Superb at engaging staff as well as board members... straight forward and upfront" ~ Vince Failla, Executive Director

Aimee was invaluable in helping our organization think about critical strategic objectives that were core to our mission, financial health and sustainability in future years.  She was an exceptional facilitator, motivator and kept the process on track by assigning clear directions and accountability.  She also did an amazing job in helping our organization address some immediate internal challenges that were impediments to our ability to thrive.  ~ James Taylor, Executive Director at the John H. Boner Community Center

I have worked with her on four separate projects and every project was completed on time. Even more important, all of the agencies are enthusiastic about the changes they have made and continue to regard Aimee as a friend and advocate. Aimee's work carries my highest recommendation. ~ Kim Donahue, Director- Nonprofit Training Center at United Way of Central Indiana


"Highly effective... brings a fresh perspective and focused energy....a good steward of agency resources....delivers a quality product. I would recommend her to other organizations" ~  Orion Bell, President and CEO at CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions

Aimee' is the consummate "student of her industry", with clear strengths in the application of research, delivered in a highly embraceable manner. ~ Jim Frado, Managing Director at Everence Financial Services


 Aimee deftly managed the group dynamics and assisted in prioritizing and influencing accountability on the most important actions related to board development and strategy implementation. Aimee was critical to supporting a successful turn-around of our non-profit to meet future challenges in a sustainable manner.


 “ because of her great work with us we do a better job of connecting with donors and supporters. I'd happily recommend her to anyone who wants to get better at securing the resources needed to make the world a better place.”  John Ziraldo, CEO at Lighthouse of Oakland County