Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning examines your organization's current mission, goals and objectives for the next two to five years. The purpose of this process is to clarify where the organization hopes to be in five years and strategic steps it should take to get there. Internally, the strategic planning process will thoroughly examine organizational mission and principles, operational and development mechanisms, lines of communication, chain of command hierarchy, and staff roles and responsibilities. In addition, the process will analyze external perceptions of the organization among your primary donor and leader constituents and bring greater definition to your leadership's expectations for the organization's future.

Fund Development Advice & Counsel

Competition for financial support from foundations, individuals and government is stiffer than ever. Your organization's fund development efforts must constantly be monitored and adjusted to ensure you obtain the resources necessary to carry out your mission.  ALlyd provides two options for fundraising advice and counsel which allow non profits access to consulting services they might otherwise be unable to afford.  These options include contract engagements for specific projects or initiatives. ALlyd consultants will advise your management team on a range of development issues and provide agreed upon deliverables. In the alternative, for an affordable monthly retainer, you have access to ALlyd expertise when you need it, while maintaining responsibility for implementing programs and suggestions yourself.  Either option will improve your organization's fundraising performance and help you meet your fundraising goals.

Organizational Development (OD)

Organizational development (OD) is concerned with the performance, development, and effectiveness of human organizations. Organizations must adapt and grow if they are to thrive.  Self sustaining, ongoing organizational development is key. Companies, boards or non-profit organizations often turn to ALlyd for organizational development needs when they require an objective perspective and assessment of what's working well and whats not..  ALlyd will choose appropriate tools and discussion topics to assess and identify opportunities to improve your organization's design, structure, business and communications processes.  ALlyd can provide ongoing OD coaching to senior managers, executive directors and board chairs that will help you to recognize and exploit opportunities to increase the effectiveness of your staff and programs. 

Partnerships & Collaborations